Historical background

The company has been founded in 1954 by M.Paul Cote and managed by  M.Serge Cote from 1974 to 2012 and since april 2012 by Christian Fortier and Duban Mendoza.

Christian Fortier is part of the Vitrerie Actuel team since 1999 and Duban Mendoza since 2013. Together they take over with there great experience in the domain.

Our services

Vitrerie Actuel has accomplished many projects ranging from 50.000$ to 1,500.000$ in the Province of Quebec and Eastern Canada.

We deal with crafting and installation of :

- aluminium storefronts,
- automatic sliding doors,
- automatic door-openers

- and curtain walls.

More, Vitrerie Actuel crafts and installs, for commercial and residential use :

- aluminium windows,
- sun lounges
- and light pits

as well as we deal with aluminium panel sheating systems.

We supply and cut up all sort of glass and plaxiglass available on the market and finally, supply and install automatic door access door operators for ADA.

Our staff

Vitrerie Actuel's experience in the construction business has given its staff the required knowledge to think fast, plan and execute work in a way to satisfy our clients. We are used to off-standard as well as large-scale projects.

Vitrerie Actuel
281, boul Labbé Nord
Victoriaville, QC
phone 819.752.2774